Trouble Witches Neo Has a Cat With Wings That Shoots Magic

SNK is brewing the cute-'em-up Trouble Witches Neo for Xbox Live Arcade this Winter. I don't know why these witches are shooting, but they have magic circles that turn enemy bullets into cash. Actually, that cat with wings (a Catccubus?) looks like he's doing all the work. That cat is the one out in the middle of bullet hell, shooting out the magic circle while all those witches just hide behind it to collect the cash. What a bunch of jerks. The game has eight playable witches, one of them being the brand new Sakurako who is an Anime Otaku Astrologist. Huh. Other witches include a Genius Pop Star Witch of the Sea and the Celestial Witch of Selfishness. Well, that might explain why the cat is doing all the work here.

The witches can greedily collect all that fat cash in the new Arrange 360 mode along with story, co-op, and boss attack modes. The title also says Episode 1 Daughters of Amalgam, so there could be more witches in trouble in the future. If you are absolutely dieing for some Trouble Witches right now, there is a Flash game on the official Japanese site that is slightly less entertaining than the trailer below. Trouble Witches Neo: Episode 1 Daughters of Amalgam will be 800 points ($10) when it comes out this Winter.

Man, after Death Smiles, KOF: Sky Stage, Guwange, and this, things are looking good for weird shooters in North America lately.

- Shawn - 10/21/10