Twin Hawk

-Taito/Toaplan (1987)

-Also on Sega Genesis



The Story:

Bored one Sunday, a man that wishes to rule the city he lives in begins an attack on the countryside. Well your teammates won’t have it! They’ll die before some lazy military leader takes over their country. So be it. Take your plane and your suicidal teammates and destroy his small army. 




My Thoughts:

This game nearly put me to sleep. The plane is slow, the stages are similar and boring, and there are no power-ups besides upgrading the gun a little. The only cool thing about the game is the squadron of support planes you call in for a large assault. When they get shot down they go kamikaze and crash into the nearest enemy. Any game that gives you kamikaze pilots on your side deserves an extra point or two. When I beat the game, I didn’t even know it. My plane kept on flying but there were no enemies around and the sleep-inducing music stopped playing. This continued for almost a minute before the game finally said, “Congratulations. Thanks for wasting your time.”



Score: 4.0