Two Lost Planet 2 Figures Will be Hard to Find

Not because they're lost, mind you, but because apparently two of those four Lost Planet 2 Kotobukiya figures we saw in January are limited edition colors. The brown Hardballer and blue Drio are a part of the limited edition of Lost Planet 2 from Capcom Japan's e-Capcom store. I was looking at the photos of the two figures, trying to figure out what was different about them compared to the first poster of all four of the figures. Then I realized that they were the same and Kotobukiya probably just didn't announce that two of the colors would be limited editions. That would make sense. Capcom has yet to announce a limited edition Lost Planet 2 for North America, so maybe they'll be able to secure these and add them in to sweeten the pot. They included a figure with the first game through GameStop, so they might as well, right? I would hate to see some LP fans lose out on a sky-blue Drio that can't really hide anywhere unless it's falling from the sky. (via Tomopop)

Is that a Hardballer on your planet or are you just happy to Drio? Wait, what?

- Shawn - 3/09/10