Udon Hardcovers at SDCC '11

Udon always has some new books lined up for SDCC and this year is no different. Aside from the Mega Man Tribute hardcover, there will also be Street Fighter Legends and RandomVeus hardcovers.

The Mega Man Tribute has been known about for a while, but now there are a few more details. The book is 300 pages, has exclusive cover art by Hitoshi Ariga, is limited to 500 copies, and is the usual hardcover price of $80. Street Fighter Legends: The Ultimate Edition hardcover collects the Street Fighter Legends Sakura, Chun Li, and Ibuki series into one oversized book of raw girl-power. The book also features exclusive cover art by Omar Dogan of Sakura, Chun Li, and Ibuki in swimsuits. As if this book needed another reason to sell out right away. The Street Fighter Legends hardcover is limited to a mere 200 copies and is $80.

The Ultimate Swimsuit Edition?

Also premiering at SDCC, but not exclusive to it, is Udon's first ever graphic novel, RandomVeus: Volume One by Jeffery "Chamba" Cruz. I'll let Udon's description speak for the book here: "Join bouffant-sporting hero Raimundo and the team of One-Dimensional Couriers as they deliver mysterious packages to every corner of the wild world known as the RandomVeus! Octopus ninjas, jazz playing demons, robot gorillas, samurai mushrooms, and giant furry squid monsters are all on tap in this zaniest of zany adventures!" Sounds like zany. RandomVeus actually started out in Udon's artist concept book Vent and it's very cool to see one of the ideas has it's own graphic novel now. RandomVeus will be $29.95.

Here begin the zany adventures in RandomVeus.

Udon always has many of their artists signing at the Udon booth at SDCC, but from the signing schedule they posted, this year it looks like they're having a ton more than other years. They'll even have an extra special guest which they'll announce closer to SDCC. Also on Friday, July 22nd, they'll be holding the "Udon and the Art of Comic & Game Design" panel. Well, I know at least one panel I'll be going to this year. They say they'll have some major announcements at the panel. MAJOR.

- Shawn - 7/5/11