Under Defeat Flying Under the HD Sun

The arcade/Dreamcast shooter Under Defeat is going under the HD knife from G.rev. Under Defeat HD will have HD graphics (obviously), a remix mode, and a Tate mode for those who can rotate their TVs 90 degrees. Famitsu.com has the first screens of Under Defeat HD which may or may not be showing off remix mode. It looks like a couple of the screenshots are showing that all the game action is also used as the boarder. So, would we see out game playing underneath the game we're playing? If so, that would be insane. I can see someone possibly thinking that enemy bullets moving on the boarder might be actually moving toward them so they move to avoid them only to be hit by bullets actually on the playing field. There's not a lot of details yet, but it's a cool idea. Under Defeat HD will be a disc title and have a limited edition and will be out for the PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime in 2012 (possibly January 19th). Since it'll be on the PS3, then that should guarantee that the PS3 version will also be region-free. Should. (via Andriasang)

Is all the action also playing under you as you play? Insanity!

Explosions under explosions!

Under Defeat will be defeating in 2012.

- Shawn - 11/2/11