VGR2: Power and Glory Preview Set's Angelic Bonus

With Wonder Festival 2011 happening tomorrow, or today if you're in Japan, Takara Tomy ARTS has decided to cut things close and show off the bonus parts that will accompany the Power Dolls 2 PDF-802 X-4+ mech in the exclusive Video Game Robotics 2 Power and Glory Preview Set. The bonus parts are in the same winter-themed white and powder blue and have been given the alias Angel Wing. It would be pretty bad-ass if angels piloted giant mechs. It looks like you can position the boosters, or whatever they are, in different positions, so they might also look like bunny ears when all the way up. And everyone loves bunnies, especially snow bunnies.

The Power Dolls 2 mech's huge boosters are straight from the heavens.

- Shawn - 2/5/11