Vic Viper Transforms into a Robot... and Little Girl Armor?

Konami loves pimping the Vic Viper into their other properties. Aside from its appearance in the Parodius and Otomedius games, which are generally cuter versions of Gradius, the Vic Viper has been seen in Zone of the Enders 2, AirForce Delta Strike, Sky Girls, Yu-Gi-Oh, and probably a few other things. Konami is now teaming the Vic Viper with their Busou Shinki figures. What are Busou Shinki? They are figures of girls with mecha parts they can wear... and they look kind of weird. The upcoming Vic Viper in the series is its own space fighter, but it can also transform into robot mode, which could the closest we'll ever come to a Zone of the Enders 2 Vic Viper toy. Being in the Busou Shinki series, it also includes a figure of a purple-haired little girl that can wear the Vic Viper as armor. I guess the little girl is a necessary evil to get a cool transforming Vic Viper toy. There will be two Vic Vipers with one in blue striping and the other in red with a blonde girl.

The Vic Viper transforms into a robot?! Awesome! And it transforms into armor for a tiny girl? Umm, okay then.

Now here's something I was wondering; Are these girl giants like the Zentraedi from Macross/Robotech? Or are the girls normal sized and the Vic Vipers just really, really small? Well, apparently there is a PSP game called Busou Shinki: Battle Masters Mk. 2 and according to the 1:13 mark in the trailer, the girls and the mecha are both tiny. It's something like Pokemon, but with tiny girls in tiny robot suits. Like I said: weird. Supposedly the Vic Viper is in the game somewhere. There is no word on when these toys will be out or the price, but if they're not too expensive, the Vic Viper by itself is cool enough to consider importing one. (via Tomopop)

- Shawn - 5/23/11