Video Game Robotics 2 Brings You Glory... and a Girl?

Takara Tomy ARTS introduced Video Game Robotics 2 on their blog today. VGR2 will four have new robots hailing from various mech games, which actually doesn't seem like enough considering the number of robots and ships in the previous VGR set and each of the Shooting Game Historica sets. The pictured prototype is of the V-MH Glory from an old adventure game called Metal Slader Glory on the Famicom from 1991. The other robots in VGR2 are the High-Macs from Gungriffon, a PDF-802 X-4+ from Power Dolls 2 (a turn-based strategy game), and another mech from Sega's arcade hit, Border Break. T-ARTS must really love Border Break to not only make toys from it in their inaugural VGR set, but also make at least two SP variants and have another BB robot in VGR2.

Metal Slader Glory is looking sharp. No really, I think I could cut myself on that thing.

In fact, T-ARTS apparently loves Border Break so much that they will have a figure of one of the female operators. Seriously. Since I don't live in Japan I haven't played the game, but judging from her future clipboard and screenshots, she just seems to be a character that helps you in training or gets you acquainted with your mech. Well, if they're going to start to make (possibly insignificant) characters from mech games and shooters, then our chances of seeing figures of main characters from games like Trouble Shooter, ESP Ra De, Shikigami no Shiro, and Death Smiles may have just increased.

Is this girl from Boarder Break really that significant enough to make a figure of her?

- Shawn - 7/29/10