Video Game Robotics 2 Power and Glory Preview Set

It's been quite awhile since Takara Tomy ARTS has updated with anything new regarding Video Game Robotics and Shooting Game Historica, but now the time is right and they've updated with info about the exclusive they'll have at the upcoming Wonder Festival 2011 Winter event on February 6th. T-ARTS will be selling the Video Game Robotics 2 WF Preview Kit, or what I like to call the Power and Glory set. This set of two mechs contains the V-MH Glory from Metal Slader Glory and the PDF-802 X-4+ from Power Dolls 2 in special Wonder Festival colors. The Glory is molded in translucent white over a black chassis while the PDF is white with powder blue. Yep, those are certainly wintry colors. The price of the set is a mere 2,000 Yen and will, of course, be super limited. If you want some winter-time colored mechs then hit up a proxy like Tokyo Hunter. Once Wonder Festival is done maybe we'll see some new Video Game Robotics and Shooting Game Historica photos.

Those cold Winter nights are better spent inside a cold Winter-themed mech.

- Shawn - 1/28/11

The set includes more: VGR2: Power and Glory Preview Set's Angelic Bonus