Video Game Robotics 2 Prototypes and Silhouettes

NCSX has posted a pre-order for Video Game Robotics Series 2 and with it a rather small scan of the four mechs Video Game Robotics. Takara Tomy ARTS revealed Metal Slader Glory's V-HM Glory a couple weeks back, but now we have unpainted prototype images of the Gungriffon's High Macs and Power Dolls 2's PDF-804 X4+ (can this mech name be any more specific?). There's also a silhouette of the next mech from Border Break, which NCSX thinks might be a Blast Runner Heavy Type. The set will supposedly ship in November, but don't be surprised if they get delayed given T-ARTS track record and over ambitiousness.

If you squint you can just barely make out the awesome.

- Shawn - 8/11/10