Video Game Robotics 2 Set Out

Video Game Robotics 2 is now out. Official photos of the painted mechs from Takara Tomy ARTS have been a little tough to find outside of a few photos from Comiket, but now there's at least a box scan of them. The set includes four mechs: Gungriffon's High Macs, Power Dolls 2's X4+ PDF-802, Border Break's Saber Type 1, and Metal Slader Glory's V-MH Glory. I know the mechs in the game looks like these gashapon, but this set is very plain compared to the more colorful mechs from the first set. You can order them at NCSX or wait for the inevitable SP set that will include extra, possibly more colorful, variations.

Video Game Robotics 2 is awesome, but lacking in colorful mechs.

By the way, if anyone can point me in the direction on where to get a sealed box of Video Game Robotics SP, please let me know. Apparently these came out months ago, but I somehow missed them. Yeah, me, one of the few people in the U.S. who absolutely loves Takara Tomy ARTS' Shooting Game Historica and Video Game Robotics toys and tries to keep a close watch on them. This is kind of embarrassing.

- Shawn - 4/16/11