Video Game Robotics SP and 2 at Comiket 78

As they hinted when they showed off their Thunder Force V booth at Comiket 78, Takara Tomy ARTS did indeed have the upcoming Video Game Robotics mechs display. A few photos from Tomopop, taken courtesy of Tokyo Hunter, show that both the VGR SP and VGR 2 sets were on display at the booth. Each mech from the first VGR set will have a second version in VGR SP which is scheduled to be out later this year. The Metal Slader Glory and Power Dolls 2 mechs looked to be the painted prototypes, along with what looks like a still unpainted Gungriffon High Macs. The fourth mech in the set from Border Break was absent, but T-ARTS will probably reveal it soon. Also on display was the Thunder Force V set with all the Vasteel ship variants, which is just too awesome.

- Shawn - 8/14/10

Every mech has a sensibly colored variant in Video Game Robotics SP.

Metal Slader Glory's V-HM Glory, Power Dolls 2's PDF-804 X4+, and Gungriffon's High Macs.

Thunder Force V mega set and all the variant Vasteels. So awesome.