-Toaplan (1991)



The Story:

Deep underground, below the prosperous industrialization and economic growth of planet Vimana, a deadly evolution was occurring. Creatures thought to be extinct for a hundred millennia reawakened and began to absorb the intellect and technological knowledge of the Vimanians. These creatures built their own machines and weapons and began systematically exterminating the Vimanians. The people lucky enough to escape the attacks sought refuge on the space stations orbiting the planet and the facilities hidden past a nearby asteroid belt. Before long the Creatures of the Below, as they came to be known, had developed space technology of their own and added the Vimanian space stations to their exterminations. The Creatures started infesting the asteroid belt and will spread beyond, into the galaxy, if they are not stopped. It is time for one last mission to fly through the asteroids, back to Vimana, and destroy the core of the planet. It is the will of the Crustacean Pegasus God that the planet be sacrificed before the people of Vimana are completely annihilated. May the powers of the Six-legged Elephant Gods protect you.      

My Thoughts:

Vimana gave me a craving for Honey Nut Cheerios. The enemiesí weapons were all differently colored energy balls, but some of them fired off that delicious sweetened whole grain oat cereal with real honey and almonds. Did you know that those tasty little Oís can lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease? Itís true! Boy, I sure canít wait for my next bowl. Anyway, like all overhead shooters, Vimana has lots of enemy ships and weapon power-ups. What it does not have are any discernable stages. Its one big level with no breaks in-between the intense honey-sweetened action. There are some boss-type enemies every so often, but you donít have to destroy some of them to keep moving on. I think seven of them can be considered bosses, but it could be eight. Although, it could also only be five. Iím not sure what the correct boss number is.

Score: 5.5