Voltron, Defender of Mattel's SDCC 2011 Exclusives

Mattel revealed their SDCC ’11 exclusives via Attack of the Show a couple days ago. However, AotS didn’t show everything. The next day, Mattel released proper images and info about each of the upcoming exclusives. For me, the coolest one is the super-articulated Voltron figure. Voltron stands 6” high and includes the Blazing Sword and “Forming Blazing Sword” to get that one awesome pose. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come apart into the Lions, but it does have a talking box, so that’s something, I guess. I could care less about talking boxes/bases, but someone out there must like those. Since there isn't a Revoltech Beast King Go Lion yet, this Voltron will fill the void. $30 does seems a little steep for a 6” figure, even if it is the mighty Voltron. Mattel would be fools not to release this figure at retail, so hopefully in the future we’ll see it on shelves.

Mattel's first Voltron figure is super-articulated and can form Blazing Sword.

The other Mattel exclusive that I think is quite nifty is Masters of the Universe Classics Queen Marlena / Captain Glenn figure. If it was only a Queen Marlena figure, I probably would care about it as much, but she includes a scared-looking Cringer and a cool alternate outfit of a retro space suit. Cringer isn’t articulated, but that’s fine. There’s already a bigger and meaner Battle Cat/Cringer, so we’re covered there. This will be $25 at SDCC. But wait, the packaging at SDCC will be different than the packaging when it’s sold off MattyCollector. Queen Marlena, Heroic Queen of Eternia will be the figure/bio at SDCC, while Captain Glenn, Heroic Galactic Adventurer will be the figure/bio online. Mattel really knows how to get their fans to buy a figure twice. I personally don’t care which version I get because the figure and accessories will be the same. The other, kind of MOTUC exclusive, is a $20 Polly Pocket three-pack of Polly and two of her friends dressed as She-Ra, Catra, and that Frosta. I like Masters of the Universe and She-Ra, but not enough to buy a Polly Pocket-set of them.

Captain Queen, Royal Galactic Adventurer has a sweet space helmet. And a Cringer.

There will be some Back to the Future box that contains… whatever Doc Brown stole form the Libyans. Maybe. I wonder if this is just a $35 empty box. It's a cool looking box, at least.

For $35 there better be something cool in this box.

Mattel also revealed a 20" Stay Puft Marshmallow man for $70. There will be a DC Universe Swamp Thing in a biodegradable packaging (that doubles as a mask) for $30. There will also be a Young Justice Superboy in cloning chamber for $20. The Green Lantern movie Masters Kilowag will be available at SDCC first for $25, so if you hold out you’ll probably find him cheaper when it hits retail, albeit maybe in alternate packaging. Another Green Lantern exclusive is a Carol Farris Barbie doll for $35.

 Most, if not all, of these goodies should be available at MattyCollector the Monday after the show. Go to ToyNewsi for more images and a few more exclusives aimed more at girls.

 - Shawn - 4/30/11