War of Aero: Project MEIOU

-Yang Cheng (1993)



The Story:

A huge asteroid passes by the Earth. Wait a minute; there are fighters and battle robots emerging from it...oh crap, thatís no asteroid! Itís a cleverly disguised fortress of the MEIOU: The Masochistic Entities Incubating Our Universe. We know weíre all screwed so weíll only send you. We should at least make it look like we put up some kind of a fight. Strap on your leather masks and prepare for slavery, boys.



My Thoughts:

You know a shooter is way too hard when you absolutely need a second player to help you proceed in THE FIRST STAGE! Come on, shooters can be hard, but not this hard. Games need to be playable!  I seriously could not get past the first stage without Player 2ís help. The game gives you a bunch of weapons, but it doesnít matter since youíre going to die so much youíll be using your normal crap gun for the whole game. You might get option attachments, which can be aimed forward and behind, but you wonít keep them for very long. They donít even give you a screen clearing bomb-missile-beam-whatever-strike. At some points in the game the screen scrolls to the side or backwards, where you absolutely need one of the special weapons that fires in that direction. You will probably have the normal gun so youíll just die. The mega-ultra-extreme difficulty is too bad, because the game has some good enemy designs. But again, it doesnít matter.  Good ship designs cannot save this game from a bad score.    

Score: 1.0