Warning! SGH Reboot Taito SP is Approaching Fast

The Shooting Game Historica Reboot Taito SP collection looms closer to its release as the T-A.R.T.S. blog has posted a photo of the window box packaging for the series. The window boxes look great and are a much improved upgrade from the previous capsules and blind boxes the series was originally in. They're also sitting in front of a Wii U and Toshiba TV, so there's that. T-A.R.T.S. also posted a new photo of the Silver Hawk Next, just because.

A few lucky fans will be able to score the three SGHR ships over a month early as Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. will have a very limited number to sell at their booth at Winter Wonder Festival. The rest of us shooter fans will have to wait until the SGHR Taito SP collection mass releases in late March.

The snazzy window boxes for Shooting Game Historica Reboot: Taito SP.

Silver Hawk Next and burst parts, fresh from the window box.

- Shawn - 2/9/13