Wear a Broken Rabbit Mask When you Play With Big Daddy

The next NECA BioShock Toys 'R' Us exclusive is a gift pack that combines the Subject Omega Big Daddy and Little Sister in a red polka dot dress with the rabbit Splicer mask. This is kind of a weird combination, but is perfect for the people that want to insanely rant as they pose Alpha Sinclair and the Little Sister. Not everyone who wants the figures wants the masks, but so far it isn't definitive as to whether the Omega with Little Sister set will be available on its own. I knew the figure set was going to be a Toys 'R' Us exclusive, but maybe this is what is was all along; an exclusive in a gift pack. Alpha includes a grenade launcher and the Little Sister has a Big Daddy doll. The gift pack will be out in November so you can wear the mask during Thanksgiving and have crazy people conversations with your family. (via Toy News i)

Big Daddy likes it when you wear the mask.

- Shawn - 8/22/10