White Play Arts Kai Raiden Does it Konami Style

That white armored Play Arts Kai Raiden variant that Hideo Kojima revealed at TGS will be a Konami Style exclusive. The figure will be part of the Konami Style store's exclusive version Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance's Premium Package, which is way better than the Collector's Edition we get in the U.S. Their Premium Edition gets the Steelbook case, soundtrack, art book, Cyborg Ninja skin, and awesome little Dwarf Gekko figures that can be magnetically combined. The Konami Style version has all that plus the White Raiden figure. There could be a chance that the figure sees a re-release as a Square-Enix store exclusive or still as an SDCC 2013 exclusive, but nothing further has been announced yet. For now the only place to get it is to find a way to import an expensive yet awesome edition of the game. Check out Konami Style for more photos of the figure.

Raiden White Armor Version does Konami Style exclusively.

The Raiden figure can hold swords with his feet just like in the game?! Amazing.

- Shawn - 10/28/12