Who is Minimate? Kuma is Minimate! How can that be?!

The first series of Street Fighter X Tekken Minimates will be out much earlier than expected. They're actually available starting this week instead of November like originally scheduled. First seen at this year's SDCC, series 2 should be out in January 2013 and will be bringing big bear Kuma with it. Like the other Capcom Minimates, these will be divided into specialty and Toys 'R' Us assortments with two sets in both locations. Ryu Vs. Yoshimitsu and Abel Vs. Kazuya will be at both stores, but shouldn't Ryu be paired with Kazuya? Those two are facing each other on all the SFxT art, so why aren't they fighting it out in the the same Minimates package?

The Toys 'R' Us assortment brings Kuma. Kuma!

Anyway, the Toys 'R' Us exclusives are Rolento Vs. Kuma and Hugo Vs. Heihachi, with the comic shop exclusives as Chun Li Vs. Hwoarang and Rufus Vs. Julia. That Kuma looks great and now that Diamond has a fighting bear Minimate I expect that we'll see Panda in series 3. (via Capcom-Unity)

Why isn't it Ryu Vs. Kazuya?

- Shawn - 9/25/12