WonderCon '10: Capcom

The best part about the Capcom panel at WonderCon 2010? Watch this video. This was the first match of the Super Street Fighter IV tournament at the Capcom panel. Balrog was chosen by a guy who had obviously played some Street Fighter. The guy who chose Hakan was a father attending with his kid and had never played Street Fighter before. Ever. Just watch and be amazed.


Yes. The guy had never played Street Fighter, yet got a freaking perfect in his second round ever. Sure, he didn't win the match, but that perfect was just amazing. Balrog wasn't even able to perfect him. Thanks to YouTube user LukeGiao for posting this, because I was really hoping someone had. The rest of the SSFIV matches weren't nearly as entertaining. Aside from the brand new challenger above who picked Hakan, everyone chose characters in regular SFIV, not any Super characters. It was up to Seth Killian to pick one of the new Super stages for one of the matches, because only the regular stages got picked for the others.

Before the SSFIV battle was the meat of the Capcom panel, which was pretty much what I expected. It was basically the panelists going through the line-up of Capcom games coming out this year. There were trailers and talk for Final Fight: Double Impact, Mega Man Zero Collection, Monster Hunter Tri, Lost Planet 2, Street Fighter IV on the iPhone, Dead Rising 2, and Super Street Fighter IV. The laptop the Capcom crew had wasn't quite up to speed, though. There was some finagling to get the audio working at the start of the awesome Final Fight: Double Impact trailer, plus the video froze in a couple spots during the Lost Planet 2 trailer. I haven't found the Final Fight trailer they ran at the panel on the internets yet. I'm thinking it might be the launch trailer. Anyway, if you like the picture of Mike Haggar pile-driving the shark then you are going to love this trailer. It's  After the SSFIV matches everyone who was still in the panel got a Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D t-shirt. These were the same shirts that would be handed out at the Afterlife trailer premiere later, so even if people didn't go to the premiere they still got a t-shirt. Good deal considering what happened, but more on that later.

Meanwhile, playable during the rest of the 'con at the Capcom booth was possibly the greatest beat-'em-up of all time, Final Fight. It was playable in it's re-mastered Final Fight: Double Impact offering. I played it for a few minutes with a buddy of mine and it was great. I'm probably one of the few people who also fondly remembers Magic Sword (it's included as a part of FF:DI). Also playable at the booth were Lost Planet 2, Super Street Fighter IV, Mega Man Zero Collection, Monster Hunter Tri, and, playable for the first time anywhere, Dead Rising 2. Some of the giveaways were posters For FF:DI, Mega Man 10, and Monster Hunter Tri, and We Love Golf golf bags that I think are supposed to be pencil cases or something. There were also Sir Om-Nom-Nom and SFIV iTouch raffles.

Of course, the lines for Super Street Fighter IV were beefy throughout the 'con. The times I was at the Capcom booth or just passing by, I thought it was funny how most of the people playing it were not playing any of the new characters. Most wanted to show off their skills and were picking characters already in vanilla SFIV. There were a few times when I saw someone playing as Dudley, Hakan, and Juri, but most of the time everyone might as well have been playing old Street Fighter IV.

Go for the Final Fight, stay for the Magic Sword. Okay, probably stay for the Final Fight, too, but Magic Sword is still awesome.

Capcom was showing off Wesker, Marcus, and Dom in the Lost Planet 2 demo this time.

- Shawn - 4/6/10