WonderCon '10 Cosplay Gallery

WonderCon 2010 seemed to have more cosplayers than ever before. There were many good costumes this year and some repeat costumes/cosplayers from previous conventions, but if you have a good thing it's good to show it off. I also saw the laziest costume ever: Tony Stark. The Tony Stark costume is nothing but a light-up circle underneath a shirt, a goatee, and a leather jacket, and is a free ticket to act like a complete douche bag. Although, I applaud the Tony Stark cosplayer coming up with the idea.

For best cosplayer at the show it was between the dude dressed as Angel from X-Men and the Alien. The Angel costume (and the Nightcrawler) was top-notch cosplay, but I have to give it for the guy in the Alien costume. In the suit was a stocky, sweaty bald man who was surprising limber in such a huge costume. Plus, the costume had a working secondary mouth. Great stuff. As always, click the pictures to make them bigger.

- Shawn - 4/10/10

These Angel and Nightcrawler costumes are amazing.

The lovely Cammy and Chun Li attend another nerd convention.

This Alien costume rules. If you look in its mouth you can see the dude's eye. Creepy.

Pyramid Head and his Nurse have returned to WonderCon.

An EOD Spartan from Halo 3. It's good to see a non-Master Chief armored Spartan get some cosplay time.

It's the one and only Mr. Destructoid from Destructoid.com.

Poison Ivy 1 is the same girl we all saw as Lady Deadpool at SDCC '09. She may have been Poison Ivy there for a day, too.

However, Poison Ivy 2 is a bit more Poison Ivy-er with her leafy top and redder hair. Sorry, Poison Ivy 1.

And now Poison Ivy 1 dresses as Lady Deadpool in Sexy Party Gear along with Harley Quinn in Sexy Party Gear.

Faith from Mirror's Edge is serious.

Tony Stark is the laziest costume ever. All you need is a light circle under your shirt, a goatee, and to act like a dick to other superheroes like Psylocke.

A vintage Captain America.

The original and still awesome Red Ranger.

Even after spending 40 days and 40 nights together, the Army of Two decided to have a bros day out.

It's about time I see a Crimson Viper cosplayer.

Female Robin loves the art of Udon/Street Fighter artist Long Vo.

A quality Silk Spectre 1.

Ares from something Ares-related and his bow ninja girlfriend. He laughed at me when I asked to take his picture.

Snake snuck up on me. I literally just turned around and he was there.

Stormtrooper Wolverine is ridiculously awesome.

And now Wolverine is in Han Solo gear.

A male Domino and female Punisher do some gender bending.

Who is under Rorschach's mask?

It's a tiny Asian lady! What???

Green Lantern had a light-up ring. Batgirl didn't light up.

An undead pirate stayed in character the whole time walking down aisles.

Deadpool in a Joker-ish suit standing in the restroom doorway. This is funny somehow.

Molotov Cocktease regrets showing off her breasts to everyone, but Mohawk Ryu couldn't be more pumped about it.

Evil Cheerleaders is kind of redundant.

Domo wanted to bite my face off.

This ARF Trooper had a cool paint scheme and a mini-gun.

This Umbrella agent has somehow found plenty to eat during the zombie apocalypse.

We've seen better Leeloo costumes over the years, but this is the first Corbin Dallas I remember seeing.

Super Saiyan Man pulls off some dance moves at the Just Dance booth.

Only the Shadow knows where the Rocketeer stores his rocket.

These two are ugly enough to be actual Doctor Whos.

Are these old steampunk explorer type guys from something or are they just old steampunk explorer guys?

Totoro appeared to come from somewhere dusty.

This terrifies me.

Buzz Lightyear stands defiantly in the face of overpriced toy booths.

Some guy dressed as that blue Nun from that anime. The other could be BB Hood from Darkstalkers, but I don't see a gun anywhere.

She may not look it, but she has successfully hunted down monsters for years.

Is the Sith's collection of helmets a warning? Is it a recruitment thing since he's with a Jedi? I'm so confused.

This Harley Quinn is missing something, but the Baroness is respectable.

The Green Hornet got old and put on some pounds. And grew a beard.

This long-haired Riddler and Joker must be from an alternate Earth.

Kung Fu Panda and some bunny cowgirl.

Lazy. Clever, but lazy.

These two try to add some class to this nerd joint.

Batgirl and Supergirl took down Poison Ivy easy.

This Flash picture was taken for obvious and hilarious reasons.

An excellent Lady Two-Face and Batman.

Scarecrow from Arkham Asylum, Supergirl, and... Baron Von Hydra? Is that his name?

Bearded Flash and Bearded Superman? Hey DC, make these real characters, stat. From this angle it looks like Bearded Flash is about to punch Poison Ivy in the baby-maker.

These Doctor Who costumes are too good.

How do you make a picture with Jedi Big Boy and Overweight Asian Jedi Elvis even more epic? Take out Taco Guy...

...and add Auron from Final Fantasy X. Epic. EPIC!!!

The Kick-Ass booth babe on the right is so done with nerds.

Stormtroopers and Suicide Girls is a win for everybody.

The movie Transformers suck, but they do make for nice costumes.

The Joker, Black Canary, and Green Arrow make strange bedfellows.

DC is making Stargirl way young these days.

Let's end this gallery with another photo or pure awesome.

Photos by Shawn.