WonderCon '10: Resident Evil: Afterlife

When I first heard that the Resident Evil: Afterlife trailer was going to have a premiere event at WonderCon, I thought it was kind of weird. A whole theater is going to be used to show just the trailer? Pretty much, but Milla Jovovich, Paul W.S. Anderson, and Ali Larter would be at the event and fans who attended would get a free t-shirt, popcorn, and soda. At least that's what the ticket promised. Capcom was handing out tickets at their booth and at the Capcom panel. The event was going to be at 7:30pm that night and a couple friends and I had planned on attending, if only for the free t-shirt, popcorn, and soda. At the Capcom panel, everyone was told that the premiere was pushed back to 8:15pm due to rain. As we left the panel, everyone was handed a Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D t-shirt, the same shirt that people would receive at the premiere later on. So, if for some reason anyone who attended the panel wouldn't have been able to make the premiere, they at least already had a t-shirt.

With the extended schedule, my friends and I decided to get something to eat. We arrived at the premiere line just before 8:15, but we didn't think it would be a big deal because we all had a ticket. Everyone who had a ticket would get in, right? Not so. It turned out that the line we were standing in was for people who had tickets, but couldn't get in. Apparently people went in earlier and just saved a bunch of seats for their friends, so whether everyone in the theater actually had a ticket is up for speculation. We waited around for about five minutes or so to see if we'd get in, but no dice. I'm sure that some people probably left before we had arrived and we saw others arriving in the line after we decided to leave.

Milla's reaction when asked what she thought of Ali Larter's acting ability.

On Saturday, anyone who was lucky enough to win a ticket got to get into a signing with the Resident Evil stars. I knew there was a signing, but wasn't aware that a winning ticket wristband was needed until afterwards.

Later on Saturday was the Resident Evil: Afterlife panel. The panel was only scheduled for 30 minutes, which is short. Panels usually run at least an hour. The panel started late, although no big surprise there. Milla Jovovich, Paul W.S. Anderson, and Ali Larter were there to talk about how great the movie is, but only two things they said were really important; 1) Milla Jovovich has zombie nightmares and that's actually pretty cool, and 2) Paul said that when he saw James Cameron's 3D technology for Avatar he knew that he absolutely had to make his next movie with it. Hmm, well maybe someday the tech will be used for a good movie. Anyway, the trailer was shown and I was pleasantly surprised how much in it is actually from the games. The way the Resident Evil films had been going I was expecting something having nothing to do with Resident Evil. It is disappointing how much slo-mo bullet time there is, though. Every other scene in that trailer is in slo-mo. At least the movie will have bad-ass Wesker in it.

- Shawn - 4/8/10