WonderCon '10: Some Random Thoughts

Here are some random things I thought about while I was at WonderCon 2010.

- There were a lot of vinyl toy booths and cute toy booths. While I like some vinyl toys, I'm not into the whole vinyl scene too much as you could count the number of vinyl toys I own on one hand. While I don't vigorously collect vinyls, I do like seeing customs that people make. There were also many independent "cute but evil" or "cute but gross" or just "cute" kind of toy things like Skelanimals. There has been a serious overload of indie companies trying to get into this cute market for some time now. I have nothing against Skelanimals because they, along with the Emily the Strange stuff, were among the first of this indie trend and I applaud them for making it into the mainstream. You can't go into a Target know without seeing a Skelanimal somewhere in the store. Plus, I think Skelanimals are actually pretty cool. Well, the dream of any indie toy company is make it into the mainstream and I think the success of Skelanimals really showed cute indie companies that it can happen, so the amount of cute-ish toys skyrocketed. All the toy company booths at WonderCon were either some kind of vinyl thing or a cute thing. I'm hoping there will be some more traditional action figure companies, like NECA or McFarlane Toys, with booths next year. Sure, they're at Comic-con, but it would be nice to see them make a WonderCon appearance.

- Young teens, and possibly tweens, have been holding "Free Hugs" signs at conventions for years now. It's unsettling to walk down a convention hallway with tons of pre-teens holding these signs asking for hugs. No thank you, kids, I don't want to get in trouble with anyone and do your parents know about this? Well, now there are Free Hugs T-shirts. Why hold a sign when you can wear a T-shirt, or even a hoodie, showing how much you like hugging random people? I know it's meant to be innocent fun, but it's still disturbing on many levels. Free hugs are great until you meet the creepy guy in the Furry suit. Then you don't know who or what you're hugging until he leads you into a windowless van with promises of Twilight freebies. Stay safe, kids.

- There were a couple booths selling only fuzzy ears and hats with fuzzy ears. That's it. And there were tons of girls buying them. Hey, you know what goes great with fuzzy ears? A Free Hugs T-shirt.

- There was someone dressed as a Digimon at the convention. Does a Digimon costume count as a Furry? It was one with fur in the show, but the Digimon is based on an actual character thing, not some random wolf costume in a purple jacket. I'm going to say a Digimon is not a Furry since it's an established digital champion here to save the digital world, although I'm thankfully not in the Furry scene so I could be wrong. Although, it was hilarious when some lady screamed, "Don't look at me!" at the Digimon.

- I know WonderCon is a much smaller show than Comic-con, but there were very few videogame booths. The huge Capcom booth was obvious from wherever you were in the convention, but I wouldn't expect anything less from Capcom. The EA booth was only for Dante's Inferno. The booth was neat looking and had a big Dante in the center, but it was still only for one game. At the very least the Dante's Inferno booth became a good place for cosplayers to hang out because it made a decent background when they were getting their pictures taken. It was good to see the Cyborg Mice booth at the show again. I hope their Xbox Live game sold well enough for them to get another game going.

- There was a Metal Gear Solid thing I should have bought, but didn't. Oh well. Maybe some other time.

- I finally met Dan "Shoe" Hsu of former EGM now Bitmob fame. I also met Raychul Moore of Raychul Moore fame. Did you know they're dating? I didn't.

- Jim Lee has eluded me once again.

- Adam Hughes was unable to attend and that made me a sad panda.

- Gail Simone seemed nice and I like the little red star in her signature on my animated Wonder Woman Blu-ray cover. Yes, I own the animated Wonder Woman Blu-ray thanks to one of Great White Snark's contests, but you know what, it's the best of the DC animated movies.

- I didn't realize Virginia Hey was such a talented artist.

- I was half-expecting to there to be a Zombrex booth, but I guess only those of us in the industry got vaccinated against the zombie plague.

- Adam Baldwin raised his price. It's common for Hollywood types to charge for their autograph, which I always thought was weird. You make millions or possibly slightly less, why do you need to charge for you signature? Last year I believe he was $15 or $20, but this year he was charging a mean $30 for his autograph. I guess since he's on Chuck he's somebody now and can do that, but it seems like a douche move to his fans. Anything over $20 is seriously pushing it. Hell, $20 is pushing it for some of these stars.

- I never buy anything huge at convention because I don't want to haul it around with me all day. Okay, there was that one time years ago, but I didn't buy it until right before I was leaving, so it was okay. Anyway, I saw some guy carrying a huge Final Fantasy VII Cloud statue for most of his time on the convention floor. How do you really do anything at a show with something that big in your arms?

- Shawn - 4/12/10

This can only lead to bad things.

Dante is angry. Looks like he could use a Free Hugs T-shirt.

A prime example of "cute but gross." I find it funny how the black heart is sold out. You gotta watch out for those nerd girls.

The Dante's Inferno booth was more of a cosplay photo hang out than a game booth.

I'm not into Mighty Muggs, but I really like seeing customs people make for them. These X-Force customs are pretty sweet, especially with all the blood.

When there's evil on the attack, you can rest knowing they got your back. Teen Titans, go!

The five emotions of Hal Jordan clockwise from red; angry, content, why is Black Canary dating Green Arrow when the Lantern is green, indifferent, and fake smile for family photos.