WonderCon '11: Bluefin and Mattel

Gundam, Masters of the Universe, Green Lantern, Mega Man, and More

Because it is a smaller convention, WonderCon usually isn't the place where you'll find big-name toy companies premiering new awesome figures like they do at SDCC. However, this year changed things up a little and WonderCon got a couple booths displaying some cool new action figures. I felt like I had to take photos at least a few new figures at the con and the two best places for that were the Bluefin and Mattel booths, which were also nice stops between taking pictures of cosplayers.

The Bluefin booth, or what I call the Gundam booth, had about a bazillion Gundam models on display as SDCC last year, and they had almost as many here at WonderCon. I took photos of just some of what they had because the awesomeness was overwhelming. Aside from tons of Gundam they were also selling the nifty Rockman trading figures, and had the fantastic D-Arts Mega Man X kit on display.

Mattel had a full booth at the show this year, full of Masters of the Universe Classics, Green Lantern, and DC figures. It wasn't nearly as big as their booth gets at SDCC, but I'd say they had almost as many toys on display as they do in San Diego. Mattel was also hosting a swap meet of sorts. You could bring in a random piece of a figure, put in in a big tub, and take a piece. I passed the tub while checking out what Mattel had on display and there were a ton of random plastic arms, legs, and whatnot. It was a very cool thing for Mattel to do for fans, and anyone who may just need that one arm they were missing.

While I do own several MOTUC figures and a random DC hero or villain here and there, I'm not a big collector of either line, but I do like seeing was is coming out. For MOTUC, Mattel had the world premiere of Leech and Hurricane Hordak, which was also cool of them to do at WonderCon. There was a huge Green Lantern booth and a Green Lantern panel on Friday with Ryan Reynolds, so of course there were a ton of Green Lantern toys on display. I think it may have been the world premiere of many those as well.

Anyway, enjoy some photos of cool figures from WonderCon '11.

- Shawn - 4/11/11

The amazingly detailed Sazabi bust could very well be the coolest bust ever.

It's times like these, when I see Mazinger, I wish I had loads of disposable income.

Do not touch this 4-foot tall Gundam, unless you have a few grand.

The super cool Astray Gundam.

For some reason, anytime I see the Exia I think of that kid screaming, "Exia!!!"

No Gundam booth is complete without Sailor Moon Gundam. Yes, I know that's not it's real name.

Elsewhere on the floor was a sweet custom Skeletor Mighty Mugg.

There was also a custom Destroyer Mighty Mugg.

Bluefin was selling the Rockman and Monster Hunter trading figures, both individually or by the case.

Those two on the right almost look too evil to be Green Lanterns.

How did Skeletor get on Castle Grayskull so easily? That guy is pretty sneaky.

The inexplicable Battleground Teela, Clawful, and Faceless One, who kind of looks to have a face.

Leech with a forever open mouth and Hurricane Hordak.

The exceedingly bright Sy-Klone and the heavily cat-themed Catra.

Mattel had this display at SDCC last year, but it's so awesome they might as well use it again.

Batmen, a Batgirl, and Raver Mr. Freeze.

Panthor goes on sale very soon. I need one. Also another shot of Sy-Klone, Catra, and Evil-Lyn's dad.

I just noticed that Teddy Bear.

An epic battle of Lanterns. I'm expecting an even bigger diorama at SDCC.

More Lantern battles! And Ch'p is totally killing that guy.

Ok, is there really going to be a Green Lantern energy jet and helicopter in the movie?

Sure, maybe the jet and copter might be in the movie, but I have a feeling the mech and Tron Light Cycle are just for toys. I could be wrong.

What I like about the movie Green Lantern figures is that they all aren't just the same body with a different head.

Those two on the right almost look too evil to be Green Lanterns.