WonderCon '11 Cosplay

There were a ton of Cosplayers at WonderCon this year. It was almost San Diego Comic-Con levels of cosplayers there were so many. I'll get right into my cosplayer no-prize awards. Best girl of the con I'm going with Ulala from Space Channel 5. Her costume was perfect and she was nearly 7-feet tall. She had some big platforms on, but even without them she'd be tall. She even walked with Ulala's trademark wiggle. Nice. Best costume is going to Raiden. Raiden had a fantastically detailed costume with some sweet LEDs on the visor. The most unexpected would be Herbert West from Re-Animator. He had a dead cat with him and when he stuck it with a syringe, the cat's eye would glow red and come to life.

There are a lot of photos here, but I know I missed some. There were a few times when I would see a cosplayer I didn't have yet and I would start to walk over by them, but they would turn a corner and be gone. It was that kind of insanity, which is pretty remarkable for WonderCon since it's such a smaller convention than SDCC.

Onward with the cosplay. If you see something you like, click the pic to make it bigger.

- Shawn - 4/10/11

Ulala was there with her trademark wiggle and was practically 7 feet tall. Even without her platforms she'd be tall.

I've seen plenty of Pyramid Heads, but this was the first time for a female Pyramid Head.

Raiden had the best costume of the show. Great detail and light up LEDs on the visor. Awesome.

Cyclops' visor lit up whenever Jean Grey was near.

Here's one for all you ladies. A very well done and sexy Gambit just for you.

That Power Girl is, uh, wow... hey there's a Bucky in this photo? When did he get in there?

Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 5 poses at her masters' booth.

It Herbert West from Re-Animator! Awesome. The dead cat would come to life when he stuck the syringe in it.

I feel like I should know who this is and what she's from.

Faith from Mirrors Edge just before running into my camera.

This girl really pulls off the Alice look from the Resident Evil movies.

SCUD is awesome even if he's a bit crinkly. Maybe it's battle damage. Drywall is also amazingly fantastic.

Black Cat was stealing stuff all over the place.

It's classic Reptile, ready for Mortal Kombat's big comeback.

The Witch King needed a break from all that killing.

The Villen Girl at the Troma booth had to finish swallowing before I took this photo. Because she was eating a sandwich.

I think this White Queen thought I was stalking her. She ended up in 3 of my photos, but I didn't realize it until a day ago. I'm not creeper, honest.

Zatanna put a spell on Captain Marvel Jr. It wasn't that difficult.

I think that could be a version of Tank Girl. The pink one though? Don't know. Girl Power Girl?

The best cop in town is none other than Axe Cop.

Power Rangers costumes are always a hit and these two are perfect.

She must be from some anime I haven't seen. I'll call her Ghosty Girl for now.

Lara Croft Vs. Predator. Why hasn't this been done as a comic yet?

Batman is under Poison Ivy's control and I don't think she needed her use her mind control poison.

A shy Batgirl and Lilah from Jonah Hex.

It looks like Rogue's robe has enough room for Phoenix, too.

Sailor Moon will punish you.

It's been a while since Riddick smelled nerd.

Army of Two Mario Brothers? Mario of Two? Awesome idea. I like the use of Zappers, Power Glove, and Super Scope.

The Repo Man from Repo: The Genetic Opera is all kinds of awesomely scary.

Blade, Captain America, and Iron Man try to keep the crowd in order.

T Girl? I should probably know this.

When did Gorilla Grodd become a Green Lantern?

This E. Honda is a brave man.

Dan, the best and worst Street Fighter ever.

The best Captain America at the show.

Tunnel Rat, Shipwreck, and Sgt. Slaughter. So, so awesome.

Elsewhere we have the Oktober Guard with Law & Order, and some Cobra troopers.

Female versions of your favorite DC superheroes. Elasti-Girl, Bat Woman, Super Woman, a Green Lantern girl, Lady Green Arrow, and Fem Flash.

Here's another of them. I've seen these girls at many cons and they always do some great cosplay.

Sagat Vs. Dan. Will Dan avenge his father?

Tom Servo is commenting on what a terrible job they're doing at busting ghosts.

Is that zombie Batman or battle-damaged Batman? An excellent Joker, Ra's Al Ghul, and Zatanna. And check out what's in Zatanna's hat; DC superhero bunnies! Outstanding.

Huntress, Harley Quinn, Raven, and Blackhawk hanging out like superheroes do.

I'm going to say Sinbad and the three Sirens.

The Monarch's henchmen with Dr Girlfriend and a random girl.

Retro sci-fi girls, I just don't know who they all are.

Giants Wolverine, Iron Man, and The Army of Mario Bros. with a cross-dressing Princess.

This carousel is now the ultimate power of the Empire.

Mandalorians just chillin.

First time I've seen a Dark Claw at a con. Is Rogue in red from some alternate universe?

Red Hood and classic blue Batman.

A zombie Stormtrooper and the only good thing to come out of The Force Unleashed, the Secret Apprentice's Sith outfit.

It's Thor playing the Thor game! Madness!

I don't know what they're from, but it seems like it'd be something big.

There's another girl dressed up like this. I have to find out what this is.

A Tardis and some Dr. Who alien I don't know or don't remember. I wonder if the Doctor has been in that police box.

A classy Princess Zelda.

Trish, Wesker, and X-23 make a pretty good Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 threesome.

Snake eyes and a Green Hornet girl.

The problem with G.I. Joes wearing real military clothing is that it's sometimes difficult to figure out who is who. That's probably a sexy Baroness in the middle, though.

I saw Storm Shadow and the Snake Eyes over there nod when they passed each other down an aisle.

Random steampunk chick?

White Ranger, Black Lightning, and a random Jedi.

Giants Wolverine and Iron Man again, this time with Boba Fett.

Dare Devil, another White Queen, and Cable.

Kick-Ass and a matured Hit Girl.

Deathstroke, being cool in the midst of nerdom.

Baby Doll from Sucker Punch and Mystique.

Is she a variation of Felicia from Darkstalkers or just a random cat girl?

A kid from Fallout, complete with a Pip Boy.

Random pirate girl? I love the look of utter disdain from the girl on the far left.

Vintage Cap, Jack Sparrow, and another Captain Marvel Jr.

It's the same Leeloo and Corbin Dallas combo from last year, but this time Corbin has a beard.

Deadpool's always pulling out his piece, even at children.

A cheerful Zelda and Link.

Mola Ram is way too happy.

I'm going to file this under Warcraft.

A Gold Cylon and some guy attempting to ruin my photo with his gnarly pit stains.

Alien Vs. Leia.

How appropriate that the steampunk Fireman is standing next to the fire extinguisher.

A lone samurai roaming the aisles.

Alien Vs. Terry Bogard. Are you okay???

For some reason Captain Jack is inspecting the chain instead of Slave Leia.

Scarecrow from The Long Halloween.

Alien Vs. Leeloo. I couldn't get the front of this meeting, but here's the backside of Leeloo.

It's Xena Warrior Princess.

It's not Sam Fisher, just a random Splinter Cell guy.

Alien Vs. Royal Guard.

The Spirit. That's all I got.

Is this the Tangled crew?

Alien Vs. Red Shirt.

This wizardy person on roller skates made a sweet portable NES.

Now I like Catwoman, but why is the corset on the outside of the pleather? It just looks weird to me.

"You wouldn't hit a Link with glasses would you?"

It's the Storm from last year is back again.

Buzz Lightyear is also the guy in the Alien costume.

Quorra is a new form of life that somehow sprouted from the internet.

I don't know what she's from, but she scares me.

Some butcher guy and maybe dancing girls. Or something.

A female Sith and some blue hipster alien were acting all uninterested in getting their photo taken.

Some kind of warrior women and Cartman.

Another Baby Doll from Sucker Punch girl and an aging Superman.

I saw the Nesquik rabbit cop a feel from some girl just moments before this. Seriously.

Black Canary felt silly doing the "screaming at the camera pose" that Black Canary's usually do.

Zombie Stormtrooper and a Wolf Man. It's like classic monsters with Star Wars.

Wonder Girl, Flash, and some girl that probably isn't actually dressed as a character.

Okay, so Suicide girls aren't exactly cosplay, but the one on the right might be dressed as a sexy Wookie.

No one should ever have a photo of Dan doing this. Why do I have a photo of Dan doing this?