WonderCon '12

You longtime regular readers may be wondering where my WonderCon photos and coverage are at. Well, unfortunately, I was unable to attend WonderCon due to the convention being further away in Anaheim, the costs of going there, and a poor decision on my part. WonderCon was held in Anaheim, CA this year because of construction in their regular location of the Moscone Center in San Francisco. It's almost as far as San Diego Comic-Con for me and SDCC is taking up my far away convention slot this year. If you do a Google search you can find some great cosplay photos that you might normally find here. Next year WonderCon should be back at it's regular home, but if the Anaheim show blew away their expectations, maybe it won't and they'll stay in Anaheim. I'll see you next year, WonderCon.

I missed out on Juliet form Lollipop Chainsaw at WonderCon this year? Damn. (Photo is from Onigun Studio. Go check out more awesome WonderCon photos from them.)

- Shawn - 3/22/12