Xevious Mini

-1982/2005 Namco/2n

-Played on a Sanyo 8200.



The relentless Xevious are now smaller to invade your pants.

My Thoughts:

Xevious is one of the most popular and classic of the old school shooters. The Solvalou fighter fends off attacks from saucer crafts and big sheets of metal. Xevious Mini isnít just a straight port. Like Galaxian Mini, it was redesigned specifically for the cell phone. Itís like a Namco zoomed in on all the action. The ships all look the same, but a just a bit more detailed thanks to the closer perspective. This also means you fight fewer enemies at one time than the original, but it isnít any less of a challenge. The goal of the game is the same; to survive as long as you can against the forces of the Xevious.

You are given five continues and can choose between a few different control configurations. The zapper and blaster can be fired individually, automatically, or both can be set on auto-fire. Both music and sound can be played simultaneously. Iíve always liked Xevious and its endless challenge, but I would like to have seen an option where it actually saved your progress if you end a game. Every time you start the game up you need to start from the beginning. This means youíll be fighting through the same waves of enemies over and over.

While Xevious Mini is just like the original and has been refined for the cell phone platform, a save feature would have made it so much better.

Score: 6.0




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