XX Mission


The Story:

Your mission is double-X classified. You are to fly your F-14 over a series of Pacific islands and destroy any enemies you encounter. That is all we can tell you at this time. We will send you further instructions when we feel like talking to you again. 

My Thoughts:

In XX Mission you pilot your F-14 against countless enemies for as long as you can stand it. There are no stages or bosses. You fly until you finally get overwhelmed with enemies or you just get sick of it, which makes the game similar to Xevious, a classic never-ending shooter.  Actually, this game is a lot like Xevious. You have a weapon for air enemies and bombs for land-based targets. Doing huge bombing runs and seeing the line of explosions is kind-of fun. Some of the land enemies and the backgrounds even look like they were taken from Xevious

So UPL just copied Xevious and put in modern day craft instead of space ships? Perhaps. There are a few larger enemies from time to time, but can you really call them bosses if there are no stages? No, you just call them a B-1 Bomber and a battleship. This game does have some nifty features, though. There are hidden enemies in the forests and water that will shoot at you, and there are missile barrages that fly out from the seas. Your F-14ís wings also move in and out of attack position. Oooo, itís so realistic. Sorry, no pictures for this game. It doesn't like me.      

Score: 4.0