Zing Zing Zip

-Tecmo (1992)



The Story:

The Evil Empire needs to be stopped. Their dictatorship has gone on for long enough. The rebel’s forces have been nearly wiped out thanks to a new weapon that fries all the computer components in the Rebel’s aircraft. They call on two old-timer ace pilots that fought in a past war. Their old planes are over forty years old which makes them immune to the Empire’s weapon. The two pilots agree to join the Rebels who upgrade the planes with a couple modern weapons.     



My Thoughts:

Sometimes it’s fun to play a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, especially when the game is good. Zing Zing Zip is one of those games. The game gives you two pilots flying old WWII style planes against somewhat modern enemies. The lack of seriousness is seen in when you pick up power-ups. The pilot will yell “Oh yea!” when you collect a Vulcan, flame, or pin-point laser power-up. The bomb icons are a sinisterly happy-cute bomb. When you destroy some of the enemies and the bosses, “BOMB!” appears in the explosions. The bosses are a usual mix of huge airships, mammoth tanks, terror train, and a battleship. The bosses are good except for the final boss. It’s a cylinder with faces on it that pops out of a big airship, and is pretty lame for a final boss let alone any kind of boss. Overall though, this game will give you some quality shooter action. Terrible name, good game.            

Score: 8.0